No More to “One More”

It takes 66 days to form a habit, for the self help center they say it takes 21, but there is no scientific evidence proving that. Now when it comes to forming a strong habit it takes discipline and focus. But the discipline is only temporary, you need just enough time to build the habit. Because when habits are formed, it later becomes a lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Now what can pro-long this from happening? It is the words you tell yourself and others , ” Just One More ” , it really just never is one more is it, because one more every single day adds up to 365 times a year, that one more can add up to many.

Now what are you willing to do to stop this ” One More ” non-sense? That is really up to you and what habits you are willing to form to get this poison out of you. It has to start with ” No More”. No is a word we do not like to say too often because, you may think to yourself, you might be hurting the other persons feelings, or you do not want the fear of missing out. The truth is you are not missing out on anything at all, and by saying no others and bad habits you are saying yes to yourself and taking the right step into a better lifestyle that you need.


I always thought I would be missing out on the parties I was invited to, the cool things that was going to partake and the friends I wanted to see. But in all honesty I was not missing out on much, only the fact that I could be doing something more productive with my time. I love to read, but I always tell myself that I do not have time for it, but I do have time to go gamble or swipe on my Instagram feed for two hours until I get tired, and have no energy. It’s time to feed your brain some real food that consists of: Reading, Working out, Listening, and taking a time to reflect with some mindful breathing.

Now I am saying today ” No More ” to the bad habits that include, swiping on Instagram for more than an hour/day, gambling on the internet/casinos and saying yes to my life and the new habits that I must create in order to be successful.



Health Benefits from Fasting and Perks that come with it

Let me tell you, I can eat all day. I go to a buffet or an ALL you can eat SUSHI restaurant, I bet you I will out eat everyone in my table and in the whole restaurant. So by doing what I am about to explain is very difficult for me but I am going to tell you why I do it and the benefits that I have felt and come to know as true as I have started this 72 hour fast! Right now I am currently fasting for 45 hours, no food and only water for the first 24 hours. The first day is consisted of liquids to keep me hydrated and ready for the next crucial 48 hours. I get headaches that come and go between hour 22 and 38, after this period I feel golden. I am still hungry but my cravings have gone down and I am in control. The reason I do this fast is because of many reasons, let me write them down for you below:

  1. Long Fast, can increase lifespan and improve health. ( Increased antioxidant levels, revs up metabolism and helps reverse some effects of aging. )
  2. Long Fast, can reduce Oxidative Stress( Oxidative Stress, can cause Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Cognitive Decline, and cancer.
  3. Long Fast, can help with Multiple Sclerosis, which can include Vision Problems, Muscle Weakness, Coordination and balance problems, Numbness and prickling, and Memory Problems
  4. Obviously, can cause weight loss, did you know a fast of two days can cause 8000 calorie loss, thats two pounds of fat each month ( Keep in mind I am not doing this to lose weight, it is just very healthy for your body to regenerate that is why I do it for 3 days every 3 months! )
  5. Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels (Long Fast that range over 24 – 72 Hours causes a 20 percent drop in blood sugar levels!

A nice benefit that also adds to all these great health benefits, is that I absorb a lot of information for consciously and easier! When I have no food in my system I can think more clearly than ever, it is absolutely amazing. I can read books faster, listen to my friends and family better and even feel what they are feeling because I am very sensitive to emotion during this time. There is a study that food is emotional , hence the marketing word and true word “comfort food”. Have you ever eaten a nice plate of food on Thanksgiving ( Happy Late Thanksgiving to everybody by the way ) and told yourself wow I am stuffed and hit the couch or took a nap. It is amazing, when having no food in your system you are able to be alert and focus. I feel free when I fast, now after my 72 hour fast is over I will continue eating healthy so my body and mind can stay focused throughout the day! If you are starting to look into Dry Fasting, One Day Fast or any kind of Long Fast at all. I do believe it is a great idea, you might find your own superpower while you do it, mine is absorbing information better and staying focused. You never know what yours might be , do not be afraid to try it. Start off with a One Day Fast and see how you like it, just consume good liquids like water or coconut water. Good Luck and Happy Fasting!

Be a Creator

This is my first blog post, I have no idea why I started now after only thinking about it for the past two years. I have always loved to write and dreamed of becoming a well-known writer one day but how is this going to happen when I am only sharing my work with only a few special people in my life, there are only a handful, I will tell you that. Maybe I am scared of being judged or looked at differently but in all respect to myself I do know the truth and I am going to share it with you guys, it is just that I am not ready. Ready you say? Well no… what I mean is. I THINK I AM NOT READY! Now that is something completely different from not being ready. Let me tell you about my first party I ever went to. My cousin Jonathan was in High School and was a junior already. Jonathan had all the friends and was my role model when it came to High School, he always had me under his wing and was looking out for me when it came to my Health, Love Life and Entertainment . I was on the other hand very shy and it was the summer before going into my freshman year of High School, I was a cool kid in middle school but High School is a whole new world, the questions I asked myself.

How am I going to make new friends?

Why can’t I go to the same school as all my old friends?

Will I fit in or be popular?

Did I “THINK” I was ready? NOO… DEFINITELY NOT! You can bet the look on my face when my cousin asked me to go to a party with him and his friends and I am only here 13 years old about to hang out with 16 year olds! I AM SCARED! I gave him a million reasons as to why I was not going here are some examples below!

Excuse #1: I can not go , it’s Fourth of July I have to be with family! (His Response) I am family

Excuse #2: You guys are much older than me, and I do not know anyone there. (His Response) Do not worry, you are with me, I’ll introduce you to my friends and their are gonna be pretty girls there that you will see.

I finally went to my Dad and told him , please tell Jonathan I can not go! He told me why not you should , its a good time to start socializing. After all this arguing it all came down to the old game of ROCK / PAPER / SCISSORS. If God did not want me to go then he would let me win, I told myself. 3…..2……1…… Yes he won. FUUUUUUUUDGE, I can not believe this. I am not ready! or so I thought…. I apologize for the long story but it was very traumatic and a turning point in my life because later on I realized, I may think I am not ready but if you just push yourself or lose to a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS you might just enjoy yourself. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, if I knew what I know now I wouldn’t even have argued with my cousin for that long, I would have just said, YEAH IM READY, LETS GO! Because little did I know I was going to meet new friends, learn how to socialize and get out of my comfort zone and that was all created because I lost in game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! Do not be afraid to try new things, especially when you are young, that is your gift. You can fall as many times as you want, you have time and energy to pick yourself back up! So do not be afraid to make mistakes, go for it and Be a Creator ! You best believe at the party I made a few mistakes, like getting someones name wrong but thats long forgotten now, no pun intended. Do not be afraid and think with action or do no think at all, or else two years later you’ll realize you should have done it two years ago, just as I am writing this blog post. My first of many.

Thank you for reading


I AM..

Whenever you start something new you have to ask yourself a question, mine was WHY? I was writing to myself a few hours earlier, all the problems I had, the reasons why I was doing them and what led me to where I am right now. Why were there constant obstacles coming to me and draining me of my energy. Why did I self sabotage myself in the past, and create problems that did not even need to be there. WHY? WHY? WHY? I did not understand at the time, but what I realized was that going through all this mess and problems in my life, I knew that I was not the only one going through these experiences… I know I am not the only person who has ever felt lonely, ugly, sad, depressed, bitter at the world, scared to do something new or get out of my comfort zone. I know there are people who were just as afraid as I was. I AM here to be your guide, to build new lifestyles/habits/changes for your life. Let me set the ground rules for you! I am your motivation throughout the week, a guide through life when it comes to Relationships, Love, Friends, Health, Success in Purpose, and if you have been through the worst of life, it is not over for you I PROMISE, I AM with you. Trust me, I am here for you and I am doing this with you. I am learning everyday to make the best choices and I know you will too, as you start your journey with me.

You are the best!

– Cameron