No More to “One More”

It takes 66 days to form a habit, for the self help center they say it takes 21, but there is no scientific evidence proving that. Now when it comes to forming a strong habit it takes discipline and focus. But the discipline is only temporary, you need just enough time to build the habit.Continue reading “No More to “One More””

Health Benefits from Fasting and Perks that come with it

Let me tell you, I can eat all day. I go to a buffet or an ALL you can eat SUSHI restaurant, I bet you I will out eat everyone in my table and in the whole restaurant. So by doing what I am about to explain is very difficult for me but I amContinue reading “Health Benefits from Fasting and Perks that come with it”

Be a Creator

This is my first blog post, I have no idea why I started now after only thinking about it for the past two years. I have always loved to write and dreamed of becoming a well-known writer one day but how is this going to happen when I am only sharing my work with onlyContinue reading “Be a Creator”

I AM..

Whenever you start something new you have to ask yourself a question, mine was WHY? I was writing to myself a few hours earlier, all the problems I had, the reasons why I was doing them and what led me to where I am right now. Why were there constant obstacles coming to me andContinue reading “I AM..”