I AM..

Whenever you start something new you have to ask yourself a question, mine was WHY? I was writing to myself a few hours earlier, all the problems I had, the reasons why I was doing them and what led me to where I am right now. Why were there constant obstacles coming to me and draining me of my energy. Why did I self sabotage myself in the past, and create problems that did not even need to be there. WHY? WHY? WHY? I did not understand at the time, but what I realized was that going through all this mess and problems in my life, I knew that I was not the only one going through these experiences… I know I am not the only person who has ever felt lonely, ugly, sad, depressed, bitter at the world, scared to do something new or get out of my comfort zone. I know there are people who were just as afraid as I was. I AM here to be your guide, to build new lifestyles/habits/changes for your life. Let me set the ground rules for you! I am your motivation throughout the week, a guide through life when it comes to Relationships, Love, Friends, Health, Success in Purpose, and if you have been through the worst of life, it is not over for you I PROMISE, I AM with you. Trust me, I am here for you and I am doing this with you. I am learning everyday to make the best choices and I know you will too, as you start your journey with me.

You are the best!

– Cameron

Published by Cameron

One step at a time, trying to make an impact on your life and others. I appreciate everything that happens to me whether for bad or for good. Learning as much as I can about the world and writing for you.

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