Be a Creator

This is my first blog post, I have no idea why I started now after only thinking about it for the past two years. I have always loved to write and dreamed of becoming a well-known writer one day but how is this going to happen when I am only sharing my work with only a few special people in my life, there are only a handful, I will tell you that. Maybe I am scared of being judged or looked at differently but in all respect to myself I do know the truth and I am going to share it with you guys, it is just that I am not ready. Ready you say? Well no… what I mean is. I THINK I AM NOT READY! Now that is something completely different from not being ready. Let me tell you about my first party I ever went to. My cousin Jonathan was in High School and was a junior already. Jonathan had all the friends and was my role model when it came to High School, he always had me under his wing and was looking out for me when it came to my Health, Love Life and Entertainment . I was on the other hand very shy and it was the summer before going into my freshman year of High School, I was a cool kid in middle school but High School is a whole new world, the questions I asked myself.

How am I going to make new friends?

Why can’t I go to the same school as all my old friends?

Will I fit in or be popular?

Did I “THINK” I was ready? NOO… DEFINITELY NOT! You can bet the look on my face when my cousin asked me to go to a party with him and his friends and I am only here 13 years old about to hang out with 16 year olds! I AM SCARED! I gave him a million reasons as to why I was not going here are some examples below!

Excuse #1: I can not go , it’s Fourth of July I have to be with family! (His Response) I am family

Excuse #2: You guys are much older than me, and I do not know anyone there. (His Response) Do not worry, you are with me, I’ll introduce you to my friends and their are gonna be pretty girls there that you will see.

I finally went to my Dad and told him , please tell Jonathan I can not go! He told me why not you should , its a good time to start socializing. After all this arguing it all came down to the old game of ROCK / PAPER / SCISSORS. If God did not want me to go then he would let me win, I told myself. 3…..2……1…… Yes he won. FUUUUUUUUDGE, I can not believe this. I am not ready! or so I thought…. I apologize for the long story but it was very traumatic and a turning point in my life because later on I realized, I may think I am not ready but if you just push yourself or lose to a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS you might just enjoy yourself. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, if I knew what I know now I wouldn’t even have argued with my cousin for that long, I would have just said, YEAH IM READY, LETS GO! Because little did I know I was going to meet new friends, learn how to socialize and get out of my comfort zone and that was all created because I lost in game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! Do not be afraid to try new things, especially when you are young, that is your gift. You can fall as many times as you want, you have time and energy to pick yourself back up! So do not be afraid to make mistakes, go for it and Be a Creator ! You best believe at the party I made a few mistakes, like getting someones name wrong but thats long forgotten now, no pun intended. Do not be afraid and think with action or do no think at all, or else two years later you’ll realize you should have done it two years ago, just as I am writing this blog post. My first of many.

Thank you for reading


Published by Cameron

One step at a time, trying to make an impact on your life and others. I appreciate everything that happens to me whether for bad or for good. Learning as much as I can about the world and writing for you.

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